Texas Attorney-Client Relationship

Your Austin criminal lawyer protects your rights as a citizen. In turn, the courts have upheld that what you tell your attorney is confidential and cannot be divulged.

Here are some general suggestions on how to get the most out of your lawyer client relationship. Remember that this is not TV - it is your life and what happens to you.

  • Be sure to tell your lawyer all that has happened.
  • Be truthful - a surprise for your lawyer at the wrong time can hurt you.  What you tell your lawyer in confidence is protected by law.
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions. Understand the process and any documents before you sign them.
  • Review the fees you're expected to pay and when.
  • Keep your own copies of paperwork that are prepared for you.
  • Understand the process - whether it be your court appointments or the paperwork you are given.
  • A good lawyer's advice may not be what you expected. It is based on all the information at hand - your story, the police report, which prosecutor, judge and court your case is assigned to, or even expectations on what a jury might do.

Sometimes going into a relationship work and sometimes it doesn't.  If you reach the point where you want to know how to fire an attorney for ineffective counsel, it's covered here as well.

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