Release From Jail to Third Party

Most criminal cases begin with an arrest. Jail release becomes a client’s immediate goal. Here in Travis County, jail release is usually available through lawyers as well as through bail bondsmen. Many jail releases may be subject to conditions such as pretrial supervision, counseling, stay-away orders, or even electronic monitoring. In addition, those who are arrested may be released on personal bond without having to hire either an attorney or a bail bondsman.  
A release through a lawyer is often preferable, especially when the lawyer who gets you out of jail is going to be the one who represents you in your criminal case. When a lawyer gets you out of jail, he signs off on a form on your bond that says, “I certify that I am the attorney representing this client.”
We take that certification seriously. When we obtain a jail release, we are beginning your representation. Your jail release fee is applied as a down payment on your case. We believe this significantly improves the quality of our client’s representation. If you get out of jail by hiring a lawyer just for the purpose of jail release, are released through a bail bonding company, or are released on a personal bond, it is important to seek an attorney to represent you in court as soon as possible.
Remember! All calls from jails are monitored and taped and may be used against you. If you are in jail, do not make any statement about your case on the jail phone or to anyone in the jail. Never talk to anyone about your case before consulting an attorney first.
Jail information is now readily available online for both Travis and Williamson Counties. To find out if an individual who has recently been arrested qualifies for a free personal bond, you may call pretrial services at 512-854-9381. Ideally, you should consult an experienced attorney to guide you through the jail release process from the very beginning.

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