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We live in a nation of laws. If some agency of the government thinks you might have broken a law, or a regulation, or an ordinance that government is going to try to penalize you. The government may give you a fine, take you to jail, put you on probation, send you to prison, or seize your assets. The government, even just here in Travis County, has thousands of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, federal agents and their support staff. It has hundreds of prosecutors and a budget that runs into the many millions. All of these police, agents and prosecutors have the experience and training to arrest you and prosecute you. 

Who do you have on your side? An Austin criminal lawyer.
A person who finds himself the object of the attentions of the criminal justice system still has a right to a Texas criminal attorney of their choosing. Choose wisely.
We are a partnership specializing in criminal defense. We represent our clients in Austin, Texas, nearby counties, and anywhere else our clients may need us. We handle all criminal matters, both felony and misdemeanor. Our services include jail release, trial and appellate work. We appear in state court and federal court. We handle probation cases.
None of our lawyers are former prosecutors. We have never worked for the Government. Instead, we have a wealth of experience involving every facet of representing those accused of crime and misdoing.
We trust that this web site will contain information useful to you. Some general knowledge of the criminal system will help you choose an attorney to have on your side. Be aware, though, that the information on this web site is for such educational purposes only. It is not legal advice to you. We haven’t even met you, or know who you are. Only an Austin criminal attorney that you retain and knows your particular circumstances can give you that legal advice.

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